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Do I make your heart beat like an 808 drum?

The other day, I was running on the treadmill, and Ke$ha asked me: “do I make your heart beat like an 808 drum?”

And I didn’t know how to answer! Because I had no idea what an 808 drum even was. Turns out, it shows up in a lot of pop songs.

It’s in the Far East Movement’s song “Like a G6,” when they they say: “808 bump, make you put your hands up.” Beyonce mentions it in the song Deja Vu, saying “Bass… hi-hat… 808.” And T.I. brags about his “24 blades glistening, an my 808 kikin’.”

In fact, Wikipedia has an entire section devoted to lyrics that mention the drum. So far, there are 34 entries.

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