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The case of the mysterious sound in the woods

As many of you (and, perhaps your heads and stomachs) know, yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day. A good friend of mine, Colm Kelleher, is Irish. You might think that would make him the perfect person to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with – and you’d be right, except we celebrated by escaping the celebration and taking the train up to Breakneck Ridge for a hike.

The weather was perfect and the trails were relatively empty. But as we walked along we started hearing this weird sound. Colm guessed it was someone rolling something along the rocks. I guessed it was a generator of some sort. When we got close to it, it was this:

Frogs. Lots and lots of frogs. Making lots and lots of noise. The whole little pond was trembling with male frogs looking for ladies, their singing sending ripples all across the water. Here’s one of them ribbiting:

If anyone knows what kind of frog these are, let me know!