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Actors in Dune wore costumes made of used body bags


OMG Fact: In the movie Dune, the suits worn by the Guild members were body bags that were found in a disused fire station dating back to the early 1920′s. The bags had actually been used several times, something that was kept from the cast members until after shooting was completed.

Sports Bras Were Once Jock Straps

OMG Fact: Sports bras were invented when women sewed two jock straps together and slung them over their shoulders. 

Bacon Therapy is so so so so Gross

OMG FACT: You think you want bacon therapy. You do not. It involves doctors shoving pieces of raw meat into the breathing hole of worms living under your skin, which both entices the worm towards the bacon and blocks its air supply.

Ireland used to have brown bears

OMG Fact: Ireland once had brown bears. They probably didn’t survive the last ice age.

Silver bullets do actually kill things

OMG Fact: Silver does actually kill stuff, just not Werewolves.

Sound effects are weird, part 2

OMG Fact: Arch Obler, producer of the old radio horror series, Lights Out, invented all sorts of cool sound effects. In one episode, aliens came and turned people’s bodies inside out. He later said the sound effect of the people turning inside-out was achieved by filling a wet rubber glove with cooked macaroni, and slowly turning it inside out.

Sound effects are weird, part 1

Image: John Loo

Image: John Loo

OMG Fact: The stabbing sound effects for the Psycho shower scene come from stabbing a casaba melon.

When it came to doing the sound effects for the famous stabbing scene in the shower, Hitchcock sent for a watermelon. The prop man, anticipating his boss’s perfectionism, brought in several varieties of melon. The director closed his eyes and listened while melons were auditioned. ”When the demonstration table was littered with shredded fruit, Hitchcock opened his eyes, and intoned simply: ‘Casaba.’ ”

This is the sound of 69 endangered species calling at once


OMG Fact: This is what it sounds like when you mash the calls of 69 endangered species together. 

(note: I stuck this onto Soundcloud so I could embed it here, but I didn’t make this) 

No more ironclads? Just slap some wood on a steamboat!

OMG Fact: When the Union ran out of ironclads, they stuck some wood on some steamships and made “timberclads.” 

Cicada sex is weird

OMG Fact: Cicadas have weird sex that goes on for a really long time. At least in Staten Island.