Rat chat


Every night, after the sun sets on Acme labs and the white-coated scientists leave, two white-coated rats start plotting. Read More →

The chuck heard round the world


The male Tungara frog wants to be sexy for his potential lady frog partners.  Who doesn’t?  But lady frogs have very specific tastes, they like their males to make two sounds, a whine and a chuck. Read More →

Compost worm squirm

My grandparents live in a colonial house in Connecticut, and they have a lot of worms in their soil. I know because as a kid, whenever we went there for Thanksgiving, I would take a foil baking dish out of their kitchen, fill it with dirt, and dig up as many worms as I could to put into my “worm zoo.” Read More →

Popping the bubbly

Bokke by RoseEveleth

This is a mud pool in Akan National Park, in Hokkaido, Japan. Mud pools are often called “bokke,” which means “boiling” in Ainu, the language of the Ainu people who have lived in Hokkaido for thousands of years.
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Bellowing bedfellows

This is probably my favorite sound in the world right now. Just listen to it! Now listen to it again. OK, I can’t contain myself anymore. Read More →