Podcast Pride Party – My Favorite Podcasts to Work On

Today, the podcast that Douglas Main and I made about a particularly successful tumbleweed saleswoman was posted to Boing Boing. That podcast was definitely one of the most fun to work on, and it got me looking back at some old podcasts I’ve made. So, in the spirit of blatant self promotion, here are my very favorites of my own podcasts in recent memory.

Tumbleweeds – this one has a quirky twist ending, which is what made it so fun to work on.

The Bottle Story – this is a much more recent podcast that I actually never showed to anyone, but I really like.

Girl Talk – sometimes girls, like, talk, sort of funny? But chances are that as you chastise them, you’re picking it up too. This one went along with this story in the New York Times. (LISTEN HERE)

Phantom Vibrations – you know that feeling when you think your phone is ringing, you’re SURE your phone is ringing, but it’s not? Here’s why that happens.

That’s Disgusting – but why? What makes something disgusting?


Do you have some podcasts you really like? Nominate them for Science Studio! We’re collecting the v

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